About Us

aboutpicSouth Park East is licensed as a specialized facility for Alzheimer’s care for Skilled Nursing and Therapy or Long Term Care, with only 2 others like it in Oklahoma. With over 20 years of experience caring for individuals with Alzheimer’s and other Dementia related diagnosis, South Park East follows the redirection model for dementia care rather than correction; allowing for dignity and choice in a safe environment. Our professional staff receives formal dementia care training to provide each resident with a specialized plan of clinical care, along with mental care and understanding, personalizing each residents care to meet his or her specific needs. This 47 bed facility caters to those with memory care needs and focuses on personal preferences and aging with dignity.
As a Phoenix Healthcare entity, we subscribe to a corporate internal auditing system. This reviews our own care measures, charting and billing system that emphasis quality care for each individual patient first, while exceeding state care standards.

Partnering with Phoenix Rehab, South Park East offers Skilled Nursing Care accommodations for Alzheimer’s and Dementia related illnesses. After a fall, accident, injury, surgery or illness pain and new limitations can occur. These limitations can cause increased memory and functioning problems in patients with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Our multifaceted skilled nursing option is a perfect fit for short term nursing, and therapy, when families who care for their loved ones at home, find their loved one needing extra care. Medical management by physicians and nursing staff, memory care activities; physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapies are all covered with the underlying illness in mind and an end goal of returning home in an improved physical state. With extensive knowledge about memory care diagnosis, our staff prides itself on educating all caregivers involved on the disease process and what to expect through their journey.

Eventually, long term care may become a family decision. South Park East has always been a trusted resource for information regarding admittance. We accept Private Pay, Long Term Care Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid. Because Alzheimer’s and Dementia can be a slow progression, many times private pay funds become exhausted and families are faced with financial challenges. We offer multiple options that provide these families with the opportunity to admit the patient and allow him or her to stay through these changing financial positions. Remaining in a familiar environment is crucial to a patient with the later stages of Alzheimer’s an Dementia related disease since moving from facility to facility can be detrimental to remaining mental health, because adjustment skills are usually non-existent in the late stages of the disease.